Why You Should Use 360 Security App on Your Android Phone


This is a great antivirus app in the security market which is convenient to use and provides really strong protection of Android device’s data.


In today’s world, with the increase in Android apps, the risk of malware targeting Android devices is also increasing. The reason behind this is the availability of premium apps for free from third party sources. Installing these third party apps put our Android devices to a big risk. They attain access to our call logs, access every message, gallery and other private things without even letting us know. They can even record our calls.

To help you protect your device, we are going to introduce 360 Security – an Android antivirus application developed by Qihoo 360 which is a Chinese company. The 360 Security developed as a solid and well-designed Android application.

This app has a very cool and eye catching interface. On booting up the app, it shows three options such as Boost, Clean and Antivirus in the respective order with all the other features in the side menu which slides out like the menu of Google Play.

Now, we will explain you the functioning of these three main options:


The antivirus comes with an essential feature, ‘Boost’ that is used to kill applications running at the background. When applications run automatically to do background tasks, the 360 Security’s dashboard color changes from blue to as shown below.

360 Security 2

You can view all the running apps as shown below tapping on ‘30 Apps Consuming Memory’ which is expressing the number of apps consuming extra memory.

360 Security 3

If you tap the button saying ‘4 Apps Draining Battery,’ you will see the list of the apps draining your device’s battery. Tap ‘Save Battery’ to save your battery drain time.

360 Security 4

The key point in this ‘Boost’ feature is that it allows us to select/deselect the apps which we want to close.


The ‘Clean’ feature is one of the most essential features but due to the lack of the option to choose from the data which we want it to clean, this feature can be proved to be a risky one as it searches for all the cache data which includes backups, recovery and kernel files and deletes all these too from our device.

360 Security 5

This feature has been made to clean the app cache which consumes memory space on the device. However, we will recommend you to use it with caution.

360 Security 6


The antivirus section of 360 Security is the best and the most refined section of the app. Below we had performed a scan and it hardly took 30 seconds to scan our phone and has found a vulnerable application stealing data from our device as shown in given images.

360 Security 9

It also offers real-time virus protection that means you don’t have to scan manually. The auto scan feature of 360 Security automatically scans every new app installed on your device.

360 Security 8

The interesting fact we found about it is that it does not drain the battery of the phone. We have been using this application on our Samsung Galaxy S5 and we never found any change in the battery life.

Other features

There are many other features which 360 Security app provides like find my phone, tweaks, data monitor and even ability to enable root access. It also shows some quick access features in the notification bar as shown in the image.

360 Security 11

The additional features included in this app are the clone of different apps already in the Google Play store. 360 Security provides access to all the features in a single app which makes it easier for us to manage all of them. Let’s discuss some of its additional features:

The App Manager

In this feature, we get an exact idea about the storage usage of the device. The three different options below the storage section allow us to manage the applications and move them to SD card if the device’s storage is full. 

360 Security 12

Data Monitor

This feature allows us to manage the mobile usage on our device along with the option to set the maximum usage and firewall to protect our device. This monitoring feature is already included in almost all versions of Android.

360 Security 13

Find My Phone

This feature is awesome and can be activated using Google account. It keeps our device safe in case we lose it. You can track the phone using GPS, turn on the alarm remotely if you are not able to find your device, lock the screen remotely and also delete the important data in case you lose your device.

360 Security 14


360 Security is an essential application which is even better because all of its stunning features are available at zero cost. Moreover, the Qihoo 360 is not providing any kind of advertisements of their sponsors which are normally used by other free app developing companies. We are sure that 360 Security will get new features over time and will be even more optimized and secure.

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