Uber Review

  • 9.5

Although it could seem a bit tricky at first, all the options that Uber provides allow you to get where you want, however you want. Uber is a must-have app for your phone.


If you are able to use your smartphone to send pictures, pay bills, and even check on your tax returns, it should be no surprise that you can also summon up a car to take you where you need to go using Uber app.

Uber is the best e-hail application out there which will connect you to plenty of other services, including food delivery, and it is available all over the world.

Getting started

Uber for iPhone

You can create a new account for Uber or just log in with Facebook. You will have to verify a new account by getting a code via SMS.

Cash is not something that exists with Uber, which means that all of your payments will need to be made using PayPal or a credit card. Although it is a safety measure, it could be a hassle for those who did not realize cash was not accepted prior to pickup.

That’s a lot of Uber

Uber app screenshot

When first using the app, we found it a bit tricky.

For example, in Uber, you can summon various types of cars in New York City. UberPOOL lets you share your ride with other people. UberT will summon a taxi and wheelchair-accessible vehicles. UberX has higher-end cars, and UberRUSH is a courier servicer. You can even go to UberEATS which will have food delivered to you. You should note that not all options are available in all cities, although there is some level of Uber service available in most places.

Third-party features

Uber screenshot

Uber doesn’t do everything, though. Lyft will allow you to tip your drivers, Arro and Way2ride are integrated with the NYC taxi infrastructure. Although, the variety of cars and services that are available through Uber are really impressive. Many appreciate just how communicative the app is about who your driver is, when they will be arriving, and where you will be going after your ride starts.

It is pretty awesome to see that wheelchair accessibility is a main component of Uber. The availability of Uber in many countries and cities all over the world is a pure testament to just how compelling calling a cab from your smartphone really is.

Our verdict

Although many people do prefer public transit when it is available, most of the time it isn’t. For the availability, a wide variety of features, and convenience, use Uber.

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