Twitter Night Mode Is Coming to Mobile Devices


Twitter may finally have found the feature that gets people excited about its service again: night mode. Twitter is launching a night mode feature that switches most of the interface from white to a really deep blue. It looks nice, and I have no doubt that a lot of people will use it, because everyone seems to love a good night mode.

The implementation is as basic as possible. There’s just a toggle in the app’s slide out menu that lets you turn night mode on and off — there’s no way for it to automatically trigger at certain times of day or based on your phone display’s brightness.

The Night Mode turns your Twitter interface dark and the text will become white on a black background. Not only will it be better for your eyes, but if someone is in the room with you when you’re browsing, then it won’t be as distracting as to when the light is fully on your face.

Twitter night mode update

This kind of mode has been pretty useful for some people but it’s practically useless if the room you’re in is already eliminated.

This has been the in works for quite some time. Twitter last year hired well-known developer Joaquim Vergès, who made the popular Falcon Pro Twitter client for Android. One of Falcon Pro’s much-loved features was a night mode setting, and Vergès was on the team who helped develop the feature for Twitter’s official Android app. Now, after a couple months of testing, Twitter has brought the feature to the iPhone.

There’s no word yet as to when Twitter will be rolling out the feature. There’s also no way to trigger this test to your account so if you’re not one of those that have received the prompt, then just wait for the official release of the update.