The Cleaner App Is an Ultimate Android Booster


One of those essential apps every Android user should install. Though the app demanding for access to your contacts is a bit annoying.


Android users face the common problem of their phone or tablet becoming slower and slower after a year or so. This makes you feel like you need a new phone, but do you know that it is possible to get more out of your old phone or tablet?

The main issue here is that your device has been clogged with so many useless files over a period of time. To tackle the issue and make your phone work like in earlier times, you can use a cleaning app called the Cleaner. This utility is simple and easy to use to maximize the performance of your Android device.

Features of the Cleaner

The utility is developed by Liquidum Limited. It not only cleans your device’s memory, storage space and traces of conversation, but enables you to set permission levels of all the apps installed in your device. This feature allows you to have greater privacy and security.

The Cleaner Android app memory boost

We always feel uncomfortable granting apps so many permissions on our devices, especially when some apps don’t really need those permissions to function. By using this utility, you can stop such invasive apps.

However, the Cleaner still requires access to Contacts, and as such we feel that it should offer an option or maybe a different version which will not require users to share their contacts.

Overall, we love the simple interface which allows users to select the clean-up areas like memory, storage, or apps. By removing the junk and thousands of assorted caches from the memory of your device you will be able to play high-end games again without stutters or jitters.

One feature that we really love is that it enables you to schedule an auto scan – both on hourly, daily or weekly basis. This will keep your phone in healthy shape. You don’t even have to go and do the clean-up once you set it up.

Appearance of the Cleaner

The main function of this utility is to make things simpler, as such it has a well laid out interface for the end user. You don’t require any extra effort – simply install and set it up to work for you.

You can also set your theme or work around on your home screen using some of the widgets.

The Cleaner Android app themes

Do you really need the Cleaner?

The Cleaner is a must-have app for all Android phone users. We can safely say that it will keep your device in top condition as far as performance is concerned.

The app is FREE for you to download. But, to keep this app working for you, the creators have some occasional ads. However, we found that the ads are not really intrusive or do not stand in the way of the app itself.

Overall, we feel that this app is really terrific. It’s not just free, but for just a couple of dollars you can get the premium version to remove the ads and get access to the additional themes. Go for it.

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