Sharing Images Between iOS and Android Devices: Cool New Photo App from BitTorrent


Although there are several cloud services available to share images and all kinds of files among different OS devices, this seems to be a more convenient method of sharing. However, the limitation is that both the devices would have to be close to each other physically for the file transfer process to complete. But for everything else, there is email or social networking websites available to share files.


Did you ever want to share an image or a video file form an iOS device to an Android device and vice versa? There are several apps available that will help you share files between the same OS devices at blazing speeds.

However, when there is a change in the OS of devices, like iOS to Android and vice versa, it becomes a tedious task and is usually a complicated process. You might have to make use of emails, cloud storage, an intermediate PC, etc. However, with the all new release from BitTorrent known as Shoot, you would be able to send and receive files across all platforms easily.

Downloading and installing Shoot

As of now, BitTorrent’s Shoot is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices and you would be able to receive and send files between any of the above mentioned devices at super high speeds.

Everyone would have used BitTorrent to download software, movies and applications from torrents although they are illegal. But with the Shoot app BitTorrent aims at providing a cross-platform tool for sharing images and videos at jaw-dropping speeds without having to make use of cables.

File sharing using Shoot is secure because it does not store the files on any servers and the files are kept on the server only till the receiver receives them. The best part is that the devices do not need to be using the same network to send and receive files.

Shoot can be considered as an extension of the Sync mobile app by BitTorrent and using this, you would be able to share all types of files including photos, videos and documents.

Shoot is really easy to use. You can download the app for free from the app stores of various OS’s. However, users would have to pay a subscription fee of $2 for each user on each platform, which is a one-time fee.

Once a user is registered, he would be able to use Shoot across any devices, but the devices has to be of the same OS the user has registered for. If you wish to try the service before purchasing it, you can get into trial mode and send three photos to know how it works.

Shoot in use

BitTorrent shoot app screenshot

Although there are slight changes in the UI of the app, the basic structure of the app and functionality of Shoot remains the same across all platforms.

Once installed, the app will prompt you to give access to the camera of your phone and the gallery. You would have to select a photo or multiple photos that have to be sent. After this, you will receive a preview of the photos that would be sent and Shoot will also notify you about the size of the photos that would be transmitted. However, there is no cap on the maximum size of file that can be sent.

When you tap on Next, you will see a QR code, which should be scanned using the receiving device. Once authentication is complete, the file transfer process would start automatically.

If you have any queries regarding the usage of this app, there is a tutorial available which would guide you step-by-step to carry out the file transfer.

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