Scanner Pro for iOS Review

  • 8.8

Readdle has finally taught an old dog some new tricks, making Scanner Pro faster and easier to use on the go. While it has its own issues, when it comes down to it, this is a great app.


Using your iOS device as a portable document scanner is no longer such a new and fresh idea as it used to be years ago. App developers have been continuously improving the experience by adding little things to make it more fun and faster than using the usual scanner.

One of the biggest inconveniences of scanning documents via mobile devices is finding the app and launching it multiple times each day, then having the scanned file get buried in a folder somewhere. Readdle’s Scanner Pro takes care of this by introducing Scan Radar.

It makes life easier

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Now you are able to swipe up from the lock screen and snap a picture of that receipt using the built-in camera app. Or you can simply open Scanner Pro and tap the Radar icon to view your scanned documents, automatically recognized from your photo library. Select one or more, and then you will be able to edit, save, or share them in a few taps.

Scan Radar is very convenient, but it’s still just a few hairs short of being perfect. Even though the app does a great job of recognizing the documents, it can certainly mess things up from time to time and mistake other pictures for your scans, especially if they happen to have text in them. Luckily, you can tell the Scan Radar to forget those images. The other issue is that it puts a lot of documents in your camera roll.

Upgraded interface

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Even though Scan Radar is the main feature, it isn’t the only one. There is a new user interface – Scanner Pro has always looked good, but now it looks even better. It is faster, more intuitive, and just better all around.

The addition of ‘Favorites’ will allow you to set up one-tap shortcuts to any folder on your cloud, cutting down the steps needed to save new scans. OneDrive from Microsoft is available, along with DropBox, Google Drive, Evernote, iCloud, and even WebDAV, which is great for those who are on a budget and have an Office 365 subscription for unlimited and cheap cloud storage.

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Scanner Pro also has the ability to re-edit scans, even once they have been saved. You can crop and uncrop images, even turn them black and white and back.

Naturally, this update is free for previous customers, and you will lose none of the available features of Scanner Pro, like PDF format support, sorting files into folders, and sending documents via fax (this requires an in-app purchase). Scanner Pro even has an extension that applies color filters.

The verdict

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To sum it up, the latest update for Scanner Pro brings some long-awaited features like better accessibility and automated recognition of scans. Support for the various cloud services is also a very pleasant bonus, and re-editable scans may save users a lot of trouble. It would have been a must-have app if not for its several shortcomings: flooding your camera roll with scans, occasional recognition mistakes, and in-app purchases. All in all, it’s a handy app to have, but the developers still have things to fix.

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