4 Things You Should Know About the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active


In early June AT&T and Samsung announced that they would have an all-new version of the Galaxy S7, which would be called the Galaxy S7 Active. The Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Samsung S7 Edge have been available for several months, and now a version that is even more rugged will be available in time for summer. With a shatter-proof display and its massive 4,000 mAh battery, here’s what else you should know about the Galaxy S7 Active if you are a potential buyer.

Once the new Galaxy S7 made it to market with its highly durable design and IP68 waterproof rating, there were many that believed the popular Active model would cease to exist. However, just like they have done in previous years AT&T unveiled the Galaxy S7 Active along with some extremely impressive specs. In fact, so many that large numbers of buyers might be considering it over the original.

1. Availability and pricing

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active

We mentioned earlier that the new Galaxy S7 Active will be beome available June 10, with three color options – Titanium Gray, Camo Green, or Sandy Gold for only $26.50 a month for 30 months at AT&T The next plan is $33.13 a month for 24 months. Two year contracts are no longer an option and these monthly payment plans are the only choice left.

Last year with a new 2-year contract it was $199, but AT&T is no longer offering that kind of contract. This means you can buy it outright from June 10th, or you can make monthly payments to keep up and have the latest.

2. Specs & features

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active review

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Active is basically the same excellent phone as the Galaxy S7, but it has a few very noteworthy additions. Of course the phone doesn’t look as elegant, but it’s constructed to last, using Samsung’s first ever Shatter-proof display, similar to the DROID Turbo 2.

On the front, the Active has three dedicated buttons, compared to the home button and touch keys found on other Galaxy smartphones. You have the same fingerprint scanner for added security, and you get the durability the Active series is known for. It’s somewhat taller than the regular Galaxy S7, so that the it can house the huge battery inside.

The 4,000 mAh battery this phone should outlast any Galaxy smartphone that’s current on the market, and using Quick Charge 2.0 technology in under 2 hours you can fully charge it, and in just 30-35 minutes go from 0-50%.

3. Shatter-free display and active waterproof

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active waterproof

The Galaxy S7 “Active” is designed around the concept of extreme durability or ruggedness. Many phones that claim they have an IP67 water resistant rating, which essentially means they can be under a couple of feet of water for around 10 minutes, but many times still suffer water damage. However, that’s not the case with the Galaxy S7 Active.

Just like the original S7, the Galaxy S7 Active can be completely submerged almost 5 feet of water for more than 30-minutes. It’s completely IP68 certified for water, dust, and drop protection. The aluminum ring around the frame protects it against damage when dropped, as does the new display technology too.

Samsung and AT&T say this is Samsung’s first phone to have a “shatterproof” display that will not break no matter how high or hard the drop is. However, it does scratch easier than some of the other display, which is likely because rather than being made from Gorilla Glass 4 used in prior phones, it is made from some type o plastic.

Samsung claims you can drop it nearly 5’ and it will not break or shatter. This is certainly a big bonus considering all how easy it was to previously break the screen on the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

4. Activity zone shortcut button

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active price

This device has the volume keys located on the left edge of the device and the power button on the right. Like last year Samsung again has included a customizable “Activity Zone” button on the left, which you will find above the volume controls.

One tap on the Activity Zone buttons will launch the outdoor companion, which by default launches their exclusive Activity Zone app, but there is a wide array of ways you can customize this to fit your needs.

The Activity Zone essentially makes it easier than ever to do things and it makes going outdoors a breeze. At your fingertips are a flashlight, compass, weather, stopwatch, barometer, and all the standard Samsung S-Health fitness tools. The Activity Zone can track your steps, running, calories burned, distance traveled, etc. The heart rate sensor around back will check your heart rate, pulse, stress levels, blood pressure, etc.

At the end of the day the AT&T exclusive Galaxy S7 Active offers the same excellent experience of the Samsung Galaxy that users have come to love, but it is more durable, longer lasting and offers you some customization. It’s available to grab now!