Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Rumors


Every year, Samsung has two series of launches: once when it launches the next variant of Galaxy S lineup and the next when they launch the next variant of the Galaxy Note series.

Now that it has been a while since the Samsung Galaxy S6 was launched, we are heading towards the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5! Samsung enthusiasts have been waiting for this phone since a long time and are eager to know more about it. Especially when the Samsung Galaxy S6 was marketed as the Android flagship phone of 2015, its successor would definitely come packed with several other features that would comprise of the latest hardware.

Samsung has seen a decline in its market share since the past two years and with the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 5, the sales are expected to surge and set the revenue centers ringing at Samsung.

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Design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Internal sources at Samsung say that the Galaxy Note 5 is codenamed “Project Noble” just like how the Galaxy S6 was codenamed “Project Zero.” The new name definitely would have some promising features attached to it.

As per market trends and how manufacturers are coming up with new models, which draw hints from the previous models, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Edge might have striking similarities to the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge.

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The Samsung lineup of phone is expected to come with glass and metal vividly, like their previous phones. Also, rumors suggest that Samsung is planning to reduce the thickness to 7.9mm and would still manage to run on the latest technology and offer a brilliant battery backup.

Features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is expected to come with a Type-C USB connector, which would be the first among smartphones. It would be able to accommodate the wire either way, similar to the lightning charger of Apple.

Apart from the external aspect that is convenient, one more added feature of the Type-C connector is that, it would be able to stream 4K videos effortlessly and the high transfer rate of the connector would also ensure that the battery gets charged within minutes.

Samsung S-Pen stylus

Rumors hint at the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 coming with a S-Pen stylus. Recently, Samsung has patented its technology that pushes the stylus out of the device automatically the moment a gesture or voice command is made to the device. The locking of the stylus is electromagnetic, which aids in pushing it out and also holding it in place as per the requirement.

Ultra-high definition display: Speculation between 4K or 2K

Rumors have it that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will be the first available smartphone in ultra-high display resolution, which is known as 4K. This comes at a time when the industry is still embracing the 1080p HD display, and Samsung is set to rule with the Quad HD offering.

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However, Samsung has hinted analysts and speculators that the Quad HD display would be ready for production by 2015 and thus, it might start embedding the Quad HD display in its handsets within this year.

To make things better, Samsung is planning to launch it with Super AMOLED displays, which would feature a brilliant 2160 x 3840 pixels display resolution. Also, the pixels would be structured in the form of a diamond, similar to the previously used PenTile display which was featured in the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Due to this arrangement, the display looks crisp and clear.

It is anticipated that the Note 5 would come with a screen size of 5.9 inches while the Note 5 Edge might come with a screen size of 5.78 inches. With the resolution and screen size, the calculations show that the pixel density of the Note 5 would be 748ppi, while the Note 5 Edge will come up with a density of 762ppi. Both are stunningly brilliant and you might never have seen such a high pixel density in any other 6 inches smartphone.

Due to this, viewing HD content on the device would be a charm and VR or ultra-high definition content playback would be something never seen before. Couple this with the creative UI from Samsung, and users will be amazed to use the device.

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Interested as much as you are regarding the new display, we would like to give you another possibility that exists. AN engineering prototype released by Samsung hints that they are testing the 2K resolution and are planning to use it. There might still be time before Samsung comes up with the 4K devices, as they might still be under testing. However, we are hopeful that Samsung rolls out the Galaxy Note 5 with a 4K display resolution. Or they might launch two variants of the same device with a difference in the display resolutions.

Samsung might have to face a tough time in engineering the 4K resolution display with Super AMOLED and slightly curved screens, due to which there is uncertainty about the display that would be used in Note 5. We still think that Samsung will go ahead with the 2K or 1440 x 2560 resolution, which would still prove to be a brilliant display for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Processor of Samsung Galaxy Note 5

As per leaked reports, the Galaxy Note 5 was being tested with the Exynos 7422 chipset, which is preferred as it contains all the components on a single chip. It is known as the ePoP method of production, or embedded Package on Package of production, due to which Samsung was able to embed 32GB storage and 3GB RAM into a single chip of size 225 square mm. There are rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S6 came with this chip, but there is no official confirmation.

Samsung Exynos

Due to this, the phones can be made sleeker with the functional components occupying less space, paving way for sleek phones or providing more space for the battery. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 might thus, come with a battery of 4100mAh, which would help in giving amazing battery backup to users. It might also come with a wireless charging capability.

The new chip from Samsung, the Exynos 7422, would comprise of the CPU, GPU, DRAM, storage and the LTE transceiver on a single chip, due to which this chip is considered as the best in the market. Apple also trusts Samsung with the manufacture of SoC for their Apple Watch, as they have come a long way in the chipset industry.

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It would also come with the Samsung UFS 2.0 flash storage, which will enable the phone to have ultra-high read and write speeds. In this aspect, other manufacturers are not even close to catching up with the technology Samsung has to offer and it continues to remain the market leader.

Camera of Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Even though several specs regarding the Galaxy Note 5 are doing rounds in the market, there is no information available about the camera Samsung plans to use in the Galaxy Note 5. However, as per the prevailing market trends, the Galaxy Note 5 might get a 16 MP primary camera with optical image stabilization and a front 8 MP camera.

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Launch date of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5

There is no official information or credible leak about the release date of Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The CEO of Samsung Mobile, J. K. Shin, cleared the air about the release date and said that it would not be released in July. However, he did not say anything about the annual IFA expo in Berlin and there are chances that it would be launched there.

Samsung has been launching all its Note lineup of phones since 2011 in the IFA expo. But this year, the release date might get pushed to August. It is probably a strategy by Samsung to grab the market when the sensation of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus goes down.

Samsung would also be able to grab a better market share if it launches the chip before it gets featured on any of Apple’s product, giving Samsung the required head-start to push their sales.