Rumors: Future Apple’s iPhone will Have Flexible Screen


When it comes to the way people interact with their devices, Apple seems to take the cake. And now, the company is looking to take the screens of its iPhone even further.

Rumors are circulating that Apple is looking to implement the flexible screen technology since the patent came out in March 2013. Of course, a patent for the technology was first filed in 2011, but since people have yet to see that technology in use, it’s believed it was filed then laid to the wayside.

It’s certainly a rumor that has yet to die down. And, it’s been discovered that well-known Korean display manufacturers are going after Apple to pick them for the construction of the latest iPhone screens.

Apple patent flexible screen

According to Business Korea, Apple is serious about delivering organic light-emitting diode to the iPhone in an effort to boost brightness and color accuracy. On the Apple Watch, the company is using the flexible OLED screen, which Korean display manufacturers hope the company will add to the iPhone.

It’s no surprise that manufacturers want to expand their market, and it does not mean the company is going to include flexible screens.

A source close to the matter said the first potential flexible iPhone could be released in 2018.

While the manufacturers are being pushy about the matter, it’s not likely that Apple will add this flexible display to near-future iPhones.

Still, if Apple opts not to go with the flexible screen, then the chances are high that there will be some improvements and innovations in the iPhone 7 and later screens. There has been some rumors that Apple is going to use Force Touch, which was seen with the new MacBook and Apple Watch.

This may coincide with the news about the home button being eliminated since Apple is trying to find ways in which to control the iPhone with the touch screen. The company may also be looking to make the screen tougher by using scratch-resistant sapphire screens. Again, rumors, as they have yet to be seen on the iPhone. After all, its sapphire screen factory had been made into a data center earlier in the year.

Many of the rumors floating around are pretty far-fetched but there is one recurring theme in that Apple is looking at how the iPhone screen can be revolutionized.

[Featured image: “iPhone 6 Release Date” by World Leaks, used under CC BY-NC-SA / Slight color filters added, image cropped]