Rayman Adventures Review: Good Old Rayman


Despite monetization, Rayman Adventures is a great gateway into the whole series for those just starting out. At the end of the day, it is still a solid Rayman runner game, and we hope to see more of them in the future.


Rayman is one of those game franchises that can easily light up your day. Despite the issues with a few older games, the new generation has been amazing, and we are talking about mobile runners as well. Rayman Fiesta Run and Rayman Jungle Run were great and did not suffer from the platform transition.

Mobile experience

rayman adventures mobile story

Although the previous mobile Rayman games were premium, Adventures is free-to-play. This makes things a bit complicated, but that runner experience is still there. Even though Rayman moves on his own, you can manipulate the direction with a quick swipe and tap to attack or jump. Controls are simple, and the visual style is still charming. If you played the other Rayman games, you will feel right at home.


rayman adventures mobile incrediballs

This time, Rayman and his crew will have to rescue cute animals called “incrediballs.” The whole game is centered around them. As you go through each stage, you have to pick up more incrediballs, so that they become part of the crew. You can then use them to find out secrets or get shields. They provide a big power-up, but it is the collect-them-all type of mentality that makes it addictive.


rayman adventures mobile level

This formula is great for gameplay. The levels are only a few minutes long, and most of them are full of hidden turns and secret areas. The difficulty isn’t overwhelming, and you will not have to restart the levels over and over.

There are some bad parts, though. First, the timers: you have to wait to collect your rewards. It won’t stop you from playing − if you want to run around and goof off, you can. There is no energy mechanic to restrain you. But ignoring the rewards will cause a lack of progress, so you may want to wait for a bit. You also can’t replay levels: once you leave a certain area, you can’t go back, but you do get a new map. It is an odd choice of gameplay, and there should be some way to save your favorite levels for replay.


rayman adventures mobile verdict

Even though Rayman Adventures is a runner game, the quality of the series has not been sacrificed. The few issues with the new Rayman are related to the free-to-play mode and may slow your progress somewhat. Otherwise, this is a great game in a well-known franchise that we would gladly recommend.

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