ProTracker Plus for iOS Review


If you have an iPhone, iPod, iPad, or an Apple Watch and are looking to lose a few pounds, ProTracker Plus app is your portable and efficient solution.


It has been proven that people lose more weight and keep on track with a diet when they start writing down everything they eat. This technique could increase weight loss by up to three times, but carrying around pen and paper all day can be a real hassle. With technology, you don’t have to.

By using ProTracker Plus, you will be able to keep track of your entire daily intake, without having to carry anything extra.

Functions and features

Weight tracker

When you are trying to lose weight, and especially when you are using a program, you want to have various features at the ready, and ProTracker Plus has that covered. You will be able to use your Apple Watch to review your daily intake charts, and the weight tracker feature allows you to keep track of your weight every week to review the process.

When it comes to keeping records, Diary will likely be the most used feature as you can track your entire progress on a daily or weekly basis. Meal Builder allows you to build a custom meal by combining certain foods as one item. Additionally, Online Food Database is equipped with more than 130,000 foods from USDA and restaurants.

Barcode scanner

If you have issues staying on track while shopping, Barcode Scanner is equipped to help you determine what foods to choose. Should you come across something that the scanner cannot identify, the barcode submission feature allows you to submit new barcodes to the database and help everyone who scans that item in the future.

Finally, you have the reports where you can keep up with all that hard work. ProTracker Plus provides charts that have nutrition breakdowns and various categories about food consumption each week. You can generate a PDF report that summarizes the week and save, print, or email it.

There are more features provided as well, including calculators, several reminder options for daily or weekly activities, and other trackers that can be used to record nutrition intake, exercise routines, and your custom foods. You can also share your progress with others.



It is far easier to keep track of everything with ProTracker Plus app than lugging around a notepad all day. We think the price is reasonable, and it is worth giving it a try.

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