Pokemon GO Takes Half of All Purchases in Mobile Gaming


By now, everyone knows how popular the mobile app Pokemon GO has become, but how does its revenue compare to other popular mobile games?

Slice Intelligence, a research company, has recently published a report showing that in-app purchases for Pokemon GO accounted for 47% of the whole market for mobile gaming in just one day.

To put it another way, Pokemon GO made more money that day than all the other mobile apps combined. Additionally, the suggestion from the report is that the app is making some people spend money on mobile games for the first time. Among those who made purchases in Pokemon GO, the number who had made either one or no game purchases within the last six months was under 53%.

Pokemon GO

According to the report, the in-game product that was most popular is the bundle of 100 Pokecoins, which Slice Intelligence says made up about 37% of the entire amount of purchases. The most revenue, however, was made from the bundles of 1200 PokeCoins, at ten dollars a bundle.

Estimates show Pokemon GO has made 14 million dollars already. Niantic developed the game, which has already surpassed their previous game app, Ingress, in revenue.

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