Pocket Apple Watch from Tom Ford


Most of the buzz around the Apple Watch has been focused on the release of the new OS, but designer Tom Ford has taken the device into an entirely new direction.

Tom Ford photo

A new type of Apple Watch

Strapping an Apple Watch to your wrist is the only official way to wear the device, but Ford thought of a classic watch design to merge with the new piece of technology; the pocket watch. Without the cumbersome strap, the Apple Watch is small enough to easily be slipped into a pocket, making it the perfect size for a pocket watch.

Apple Watch from Tom Ford closeup
Photo from Instagram of TheChicGeek

How he did it

Though there isn’t an official guide on how Ford created this pocket watch, it looks as if he simply removed the parts of the watch that attach to the wrist. A metal loop can be seen at the top of the watch with a fancy chain attached, converting this hi tech device into a classic, and unique, Apple Watch.

Sure, this process might interfere with some functions, such as the heart rate tracking feature, but this watch has been turning heads. Numerous photos have popped up on the internet since Ford debuted his creation last week. This altered device is even more portable than the original design; instead of strapping the entire watch to your wrist, you can simply slide it into a pocket.

Ford will most likely release a guide detailing the process.