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Considering all of the aspects of PDF to Excel, this app is highly recommended as tool that can be helpful to any professional who works with spreadsheets and/or tables daily.


When it comes to helpful apps to manage your documents there is one particularly useful app. In the business world, it’s relatively common to find yourself dealing with many documents, in various file formats. But, the most common type of document is the PDF. Of course there’s a reason for this – it’s unalterable nature makes PDF perfect for your valuable data. However, there is still the need for a process to be able to extract information from the PDF file. In this situation you will need the PDF to Excel app.

Converting PDF to Excel on iOS

PDF tables are converted successfully into editable MS Excel spreadsheets on your mobile device with the PDF to Excel Convertor. This is a free app that lets you reuse necessary information from static PDF documents, more closely analyze statistics, easily modify them, etc. Let’s look closely at what else PDF to Excel offer.

The best way to convert PDF tables into Excel spreadsheets is using the converter. This easy-to-use app can quickly convert PDFs from anywhere – OneDrive, Google Drive, your device, Dropbox, and Gmail into editable Microsoft Excel documents. This powerful converting engine uses OCR technology, which is leading in the industry.

Key Features of PDF to Excel Converter

Converting PDF to Excel

  • Excellent quality conversion.
  • Fast and easy. It won’t drain your battery/ The minute the conversion is finished, your file is deleted from servers.
  • Industry-leading OCR technology.
  • No further editing needed.
  • No limits on the number of converted files.
  • No limit on the file size.
  • Rows and columns are perfectly recognized.
  • Scanned tables can be converted.
  • The converted document is in the .xlsx format and immediately ready for further reuse.
  • The new Excel file is optimized for fast viewing and to be immediately analyzed.
  • Within the app you can convert PDF and Google documents from your Google Drive.
  • You can convert Gmail attachments and files from Box, OneDrive, and Dropbox directly from our app.

Within Microsoft Excel you can reuse or edit your PDF stats and data. Even those PDF files that are scanned are supported. Locate your PDF document and open it in PDF to Excel. Once the PDF is imported, it is automatically goes to our servers to be converted. The file is downloaded once the conversion is done. Because the conversion is not being performed on your device, the app doesn’t slow your device down nor does it drain the battery.

Why you should use it

PDF to Excel converter on iOS

In addition to the excellent conversion quality, with the PDF to Excel app is that you can now you can get rid of desktop converters that are too expensive and you can now productively do your job on the fly for free. You can save time and money. Also, your files are stored on cloud services so you have access to them always, and PDF to Excel enables document management anytime and anywhere without difficulty.

So accountants, managers, and every other professional who uses Excel spreadsheets a lot, will find this app makes things easier. Whether you need to make small changes on your existing spreadsheets, examine figures more carefully, or want to use old tables, PDF to Excel will make easy.

Considering all of the aspects of PDF to Excel, this app is highly recommended as tool that can be helpful to any professional who works with spreadsheets and/or tables daily. The only thing left for you to do is choose from iOS or Android and then download it. Share this article to let others learn about this great app!

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