OfferUp – Buy. Sell. Simple.


OfferUp is one of the best classifieds that is available for iPad or iPhone. When it comes to using it, iIt is very easy to use, and you will always find something that is around your location. This really is a must- have for those who are wantingwant to clear out the unwanted items from your their home and for those who are really looking for a great bargain on great quality items.


It would seem that nowadays everyone wants to give us a utility or app that will help us sell our stuff. Not least among them are the monsters like Amazon, Craigslist, and eBay. Although, there is a new name that we are going to throw into the hat – OfferUp – Buy. Sell. Simple. by iDeal Technologies. This app allows you to quickly and instantly post your stuff for sale, as well as focus on a cool community. OfferUp has plenty of promises, and if your curiosity has been caught, then you can check out this whole review.

Buy. Sell. Trade. It is that simple. You will be able to connect with people in your area to buy, sell, or trade your items from your iPhone or iPad. This simplified marketplace will allow you to access over a thousand different postings on a daily basis and post your own items by taking a photograph and then adding a few details and posting it within seconds.

Functionality and concept

offerup 2

The whole idea behind OfferUp is really simple. How great would it be to have an iPhone app that would allow you to create a new sale listing instantly? No messing around with forms – just take a photo, add your pricing information, and move on with your life. OfferUp made that dream a reality. The app is easy to use, and all you have to do is boot it up, take a picture, fill in the forms, and that is it. The app will retain your geo location and add that data to your listing. Then, if you see that it goes to the wall of listings for OfferUp, it means your deal is done. Others will then be able to see what you have to offer, and if they want, they can buy it or ask you questions about it.

Interface and design

offerup 1

During the last update, the app went through some major cosmetic surgery and now it looks great. It has been primed for worldwide distribution, which is great news. In fact, the only complaint that we have is that it is very local, which is good and bad at the same time. The app’s glorious interface and quick listing action are basically meaningless. That is a real disappointment, as everything else screams quality and inevitably successful selling.

Overall value

Best of all, OfferUp is 100% free. It is hard to argue with a real bargain like that, especially if you are a member of that local area. The app has a lot of promise, and even though we are all waiting for the whole United States release, we have a feeling that those who are able to use it now will do just that. This is a great piece of mobile art that anyone should really take a chance to use.

+ Set up a listing of any item that you want in mere moment
+ Easily upload pictures of your item
+ Set up your very own seller profile
+ Interact directly with your seller or buyer
+ Browse items by category, location, or just by looking at the images
– Restricted location
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