Notability for iOS: Take Your Notes Like a Pro


One of the highest rated productivity apps on the App Store to date, Notability, has been rated number one by Apple for their hall of fame in the past. It brings a new light to the element of taking notes and handling school work and your professional work. You have the ability to transfer PDF files over and view it side by side to your note taking so you can study and effectively retain and refer back to what you have read.


Notability is available as a universal app, which means you can run it on your iPad and iPhone too. But it lacks major functionality when using on iPhone: there’s no pages pane, no import function, and overall experience is worse than with iPad. It does not mean the app is bad, thought. It’s just annotating PDFs and drawing on such a small screen like iPhone has is not very easy.

Notability screenshot 1

Running down some of the features, let’s start from the top of its functions.

The multitasking functionality of this app is astounding, being able to view side by side pictures, texts, notes, or even utilizing the ability to swiftly search key terms and words while you take notes with a split view feature. Many of these particular functions are best for college students, or high school students who use their iPads for their homework and note taking in class. There are a few professional functionality possibilities here, but this seems to focus more on the academic attributes of a person’s note taking ability rather than the career oriented individual.

Notability screenshot 4

One of the best features is the palm detection on the iPad, it allows you to use a stylus and write with a natural feel, as if pen and paper were used. This function also allows you to sketch using a variety of beautiful clear ink colors, all while being able to rest your wrist on the screen without ruining your notes. While sketching, you are able to maintain detail with a zooming option, allowing you to get in close for all the right nooks and crannies.

Notability screenshot 2

With the ability to import and annotate PDFs, this app has honestly taken your average note taking programs out of the running with ease. You can fill out, sign, and send PDF forms with ease. You are able to accumulate multiple lecture slides, meeting agendas, and complete your assignments for class accurately and efficiently. Importing your .doc and .ppt files with the help of Google Drive is something that was only dreamed of in many past applications. And Notability has made it happen.

Notability screenshot 3

Notability also offers more practical functions like audio recording. You are able to record full lectures, take notes in the process and link the recordings to the notes so on playback you are able to track them animating along with your audio records. Being able to target and tap them, you can get clarity on specific spots of your recordings. From meetings to classrooms, you can use this feature to provide audio or handwritten feedback to students, teachers, co-workers, and clients.

In conclusion, Notability has several useful functions that we haven’t been able to even take into consideration yet. There is, however, much room to grow still, but this is definitely the ideal note taking app for the everyday student in possession of iPad. Being able to utilize the audio recording functionality of this app allows doors to open in ways some have only dreamed of and it also maintains itself as a reputable sketching app.

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