Mortal Kombat X: Cult Game Returns to Android


Overall, we think it's great that we now have a way to play one of our favorite combat games when we are on the go. Being free to install is only an added bonus, but the 1.5 GB space requirement is a bit of a downfall, as that can be quite sizable when it comes to mobile devices. Ultimately, you will have to decide if it's worth the occupied space or not.


Are you a fan of Mortal Kombat? We know we are, and that is why we were excited to hear there is now a way to experience the massive and visually impressive battles on our mobile and tablet devices with Mortal Kombat X. It’s a bit different than playing on other platforms, though, but it provides the next-gen of gaming power on the go using groundbreaking visuals for the fighting, and a card collection game too. You will be assembling an elite team of warriors for the Mortal Kombat. Do you have what it takes to prove that you are the best tournament fighter on Earth?

Functions & features

mortal kombat android screenshot 1

With Mortal Kombat X, you will be assembling a team of combat warriors to create the best team possible, and leading them into the epic battle of Mortal Kombat. As you advance, you will gain experience and special attacks, and also obtain powerful artefacts.

Player challenges

You will be able to challenge other players as you enter Faction Wars using the online competition mode. By increasing your faction’s rank, you can also earn prizes each week.


mortal kombat android screen 2

There is a full collection of fighters that you are familiar with and some new names too. From Johnny Cage and Sub-Zero to Kitana and Scorpion, there’s also D’Vorah, who has an insect kind of style, or Kotal Khan, who is more than a little bit bloodthirsty. There are many others to discover as well.

Summoning allies

If you find that you need help along the way, you are able to summon your allies right into the battle. First, you will need to find a player who will become your ally, and then you’ll be able to launch a decisive blow at your enemy.

Fatalities and X-rays

mortal kombat android screenshot 2

If your favorite part of Mortal Kombat is the fatalities, you will not be let down, as they have also brought these to the mobile version. The graphics are surprisingly stunning, and gut-punching moves bring it all together.

Reward Unlocking – console and mobile

By playing Mortal Kombat X on your mobile device, you are going to have the chance of unlocking rewards on the console version too. You are able to unlock characters, such as Klassic Kitana or Injustice Scorpion, and other ultra-rare fighters. Likewise, playing on the console version allows you to unlock mobile rewards too, we thought that was awesome.

Design and layout

Mortal Kombat X’s mobile version is actually designed to feature excellent graphics, as should be expected. For those familiar with Mortal Kombat games, the layout will also be easy to learn and navigate. We found it only took a few minutes to really get started.


The app is free to download and install, but it does offer in-game purchases if you wish to purchase certain things. We find there’s not much more to say when it comes to free downloads.


  • Free to install
  • Visually appealing
  • Unlocks console rewards


  • Requires a minimum of 1.5 GB of free space
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