iPhone 6S: Release Date, Rumors and Speculations


As per one of the recent updates, the first look of iPhone 6S is out and it apparently sports an all-new camera and talks are doing rounds that it would come with a liquid-metal design. Apple is also planning to get rid of the home button in its new release.

As of now, users are bored with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus as it has been in the market since a long time. However, if rumors are to be believed, the next variant of iPhone would be the iPhone 6S, with the iPhone 7 being released sometime in 2016.

As per speculations, the next variant of iPhone would come with Force Touch, an Apple SIM, a camera that sports quality and features similar to a DSLR and twice the RAM capacity. Apple lovers, behold, as the next variant would come packed with exciting new features.

What to expect from the next version of iPhone?

In this post, we have listed ten things we expect from the next version of iPhone, making it a market leader. Apple has been struggling hard to develop a phone that competes in terms of hardware with other flagship phones.

Users feel free to leave comments about your expectations from the next release. Before listing out the features we expect from the next iPhone, read about the rumors that are making rounds among iPhone lovers.

What is the next iPhone supposed to release as?

A flagship device from Apple.

What would be the price tag?

There are no rumors about the pricing, however there is much anticipation among expert analysts that the cost would range from $649 or AU $999, which would be comparable to the cost of iPhone 6.

If you are looking for a cheaper option, you would have to wait until the iPhone 6C is out and it would be affordable in comparison. Also, if the price tag of the iPhone 6S goes up, we are sure that it would be packed in with a variety of features and would be a premium offering.

Release date of the Apple iPhone 6S

As per an email sent by Vodafone which was leaked, the iPhone 6S is set for a September 2015 launch. The launch date is believable, as Apple is known to release upgraded handsets around the same time. Speculators say that it would be released on September 25th, to be more precise.

However, other reports said that the iPhone 6S is slated for an August release. An analyst from KGI Securities, Ming-Chi Kuo, who is known to have predicted the previous dates precisely, predicts that it will be launched in August. However, considering the apparent excessive component yield, we doubt that it will be launched so soon.

GSM Dome recently reported that Apple has ordered camera sensors for iPhone 6S from Sony. In a separate report, they also stated that Samsung has started manufacturing the A9 processor for iPhone 6S and with this, it is evident that the release of the next variant of iPhone is in the pipeline.

This said, it is definite that the next iPhone would be released in either August or September 2015.

Design of the Apple iPhone 6S

Photos of a new iPhone are being circulated on the internet and it is likely that it is the successor of iPhone 6.

While the dimensions might remain the same, a new patent filed suggests that the plastic strips, which were disliked by users, might have been discarded from the new design. Also, Apple might launch the new phone with a liquid metal body, all thanks to the exclusive deal Apple has entered into with the manufacturer.

It might also come with the lightweight and sturdy aluminium alloy for the body, which was previously seen in the Apple Watch. As a result of the changes, the iPhone might get slightly thicker and taller than its predecessor. With this, we hope that the camera will fit in perfectly into the body of the phone and will not protrude.

Apple also plans to change the color patterns with its new release and make all the models a bit darker than the previous one. A pink variant of iPhone is also on the cards.

Although Apple has filed several patents that are innovative and crazy, we are longing for Apple to release an iPhone that features a curved display and resembles the Galaxy Note Edge slightly. But the chances that Apple would come up with such designs are bleak, as they would not want to take the risk.

Screen of the Apple iPhone 6S

Similar to the previous releases, Apple might stick to the same display sizes with the iPhone 6S at 4.7 inches and the iPhone 6S Plus at 5.5 inches. They might launch a new variant called the iPhone 6C, which would be 4 inches.

Though the screen size would remain the same, Apple is planning to manufacture tougher displays as it had teamed with Foxconn for the production of sapphire glass displays, which might be rolled out in the next variant. Though we expected the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to be launched with sapphire glass displays, they were unable to make it due to production issues. With the new glass, the screen might have better visibility levels and also offer a higher level of protection against scratches.

Feng, a popular Chinese website, reported that the iPhone 6S might get a 1080p display, while the iPhone 6S Plus might get a brilliant 2K display. Although this source is not credible, we are hoping that it is true. However, Apple would have to work on its battery with such high-resolution displays, as the phone might get drained sooner.

Competitors of the Apple iPhone 6S

As Apple is coming up with a host of new upgrades, there are slim chances that the company would be facing any competition for a while. However, it might still face the heat from Android. HTC has its One M9 and Samsung has Galaxy S6, which are both flagship phones. The prices would also be cut when iPhone 6S would be launched.

HTC One M9

Most of the flagship phones from different manufacturers and the iPhone 6 itself, are likely to compete in the market with iPhone 6S, as they all have a classy look and have similar features.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Finally, the LG G4 might also lure Apple fans to make a tough choice, as it comes with brilliant features.

Battery and camera of the Apple iPhone 6S

An apparent Foxconn worker has leaked that the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus would be featuring 12MP primary cameras and will record videos at 4K resolution, including video recording in slow-motion at 240fps. The front cameras might come at 5MP and there are chances of a flash too. It will record videos at 1080p and will include a panorama mode, if rumors are to be believed.

To support claims of the 12MP camera, Apple in a recent acquisition bid acquired a company that develops smartphone cameras which record at DSLR quality, which would give a significant boost to the existing camera of the iPhone. John Gruber from Daring Fireball also said that the iPhone would feature a two-lens camera, which can be seen as significant boost from the existing camera to achieve DSLR-like quality.

However, these reports are not confirmed and there is no official statement from Apple about it. Improvements can be seen at the battery end, as Apple has hired experienced talent related to battery management.

Processor and OS of the Apple iPhone 6S

Apple might power the new iPhone with the Qualcomm LTE chip, which is super-fast, efficient and gives long battery life to the phone.

The iPhone 6S would obviously run the newest OS from Apple, the iOS 9. In the new OS, there are massive updates to Siri and Apple Maps and it also comes with a new keyboard. The iOS 9 is also more energy-efficient.

The iPhone 6S will have a new processor, which is likely to be called A9 and it is likely that Samsung might build the chip again, which is speculated to be 15% smaller, 20% more powerful and 35% more energy efficient than the previous Apple A8 processor that was being used in the last iPhone models.

The new iPhone would be zappy and fast, due to the upgrade in specifications, which include a 2GB RAM, making apps work like a charm. What we are bothered about is how the phone can manage to remain energy efficient and deliver great battery backup.

Some other features of the Apple iPhone 6S

As per rumors, there are several other innovative features that would be packed in into the next iPhone. Chances are high that it would come with a Force Touch. It was first introduced on Apple Watch and allows applications to sense different levels of touch pressure on the display. Bloomberg reported that this display is already under production and there are high chances that this feature will be introduced in the iPhone 6S.

There is a possibility that Apple might get rid of the home screen button and the Touch ID might be a part of the display itself. Also, there might be an Apple SIM, like seen in the iPad Air 2, which is useful as users get to change their network without having to change their SIM card each time.

Apple iPhone 6C

With the launch of Apple iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, there is a possibility that the Apple iPhone 6C might also be launched. It would be launched at a lower price tag and would be similar to the iPhone 5C. But the added feature is that, it might come with a 4-inch screen, which would make it handy and a convenient choice among some users.

iPhone 6C back

Several photos of the iPhone 6C have been leaked on the internet and people are still not sure about its authenticity. Ming Chi Kuo, the iPhone analyst, is however, not totally convinced looking at the photographs.

iPhone 6C back 2

There are possibilities that the iPhone 6C might come with curved screen edges and would resemble the iPhone 6, but would look more like the iPhone 5C.

However, on the specs end, there might be several differences from the iPhone 6S and it is a possibility that it would be shipped with the A8 processor, which was initially launched in the iPhone 6. But there would definitely be support for Touch ID and NFC, which can be used for Apple Pay.

Expected features of the new iPhone 6S

Reduced screen size

People continue to urge that bigger screen sizes for Apple would help them boost their sales and give customers a reason to choose iPhone over other large screen Android phones available in the market.

iPhones different models
Featured image: “iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus vs iPhone 5S” by Kārlis Dambrāns, used under CC BY / Image cropped

But, we feel that the size of iPhone 5S is ideal for daily usage and fits in the hand easily. The screen is large enough to support all types of apps and at the same time, it fits into your pocket easily. Also, users were more comfortable in holding iPhones in their hand compared to other large screen phones available in the market.

We hope that iPhone 6S do not have ultra large sizes and are designed with the same screen size as that of iPhone 5S.

Additional support for wireless charging

iPhone charging wirelessly

Wireless charging is catching up rapidly in the market and is considered to be a really cool feature among the phones available now.

Google has made considerable progress in their Google Wallet NFC Payment, which was slightly lagging behind. People expect Apple to do the same and embed wireless charging in their iPhones, so that users would be able to charge their iPhones wirelessly. Also, Apple would take it all a step ahead if they make wireless chargers that would also be capable of charging the Apple Watch.

Better quality of Lightning cables

Apple Lightning cable
Image credit: “iPhone Lightning Cable” by takuhitofujita, used under CC BY-NC-ND

Lightning cables that come with the iPhone have a lifespan lesser than that of mayflies, which manage to live for a day. iPhone users constantly complained that the Lightning cables they received did not last for more than an hour.

To make things worse, Apple does not include the Lightning cables under warranty, due to which users are highly disappointed. We feel that Apple should make the Lightning cable to be covered under warranty or at least improve the build quality to make it stronger and durable. Even if Apple is unable to come up with wireless charging in their upcoming model, the least they can do is improve the existing charging units and cables.

Discard the 16GB variants

We all know that iOS 8 could not be pushed over-the-air because the update was of 5.7 GB and 16 GB iPhones users were unable to receive it due to lack of free space available.

The software updates delivered by Apple are too huge and the basic variant of iPhone would not be able to accommodate it easily. Apple can work around this issue by launching the basic variant of 32 GB in the next model and can offer higher variants with more storage capacities, so that users would not have to face free space issues at critical times.

Use the iPhone 6 Plus camera instead of any other camera

iPhone 6 Plus camera

As per our tests, we discovered that the image quality of the iPhone 6 Plus camera is much better than the iPhone 6 camera, as the iPhone 6 Plus had a stabilization feature.

Although the iPhone 6 Plus is 0.2mm thicker than the iPhone 6, the features that come in for a mere 0.2mm are brilliant. This said, no one would really care about an increase in 0.2mm in thickness of the device after having a look at the difference between photos captured by both gadgets.

Better RAM capacity

Although the iPhones are brilliantly fast, there are times that the RAM size necessarily has to be more and even efficiently built software would not be able to make up for the lack of RAM. When you are using the Safari browser and trying to reload web pages, you would genuinely wish that Apple configured their devices with larger RAM. When there is more free space in RAM, the iPhone would be able to multi-task better and would also result in a wonderful user experience. Especially, when it is coupled with an Apple Watch, it would be in need of more memory and hence, we highly recommend Apple to upgrade their RAM.

With the 64-bit architecture kicking in, more RAM is required by apps for their smooth functioning. If rumors are to be believed, the next iPhone will have RAM of 2 GB and this will ensure that all possible apps will run like a charm across upcoming iOS 9.

Ensure that users get a better grip while handling the iPhone

iPhone in hand

Both the latest variants of the iPhone are manufactured from materials that slip super easily. Users find it difficult to grip their iPhone without an external cover and hence, the only people who found this to be great were third party manufacturers of protective cases. Instead, it would have been a bliss if Apple had worked on their exterior and handling to ensure that the next iPhone is slip-resistant.

A higher screen resolution

iPhone 6 made with a pixel density of 326ppi and iPhone 6 Plus with a pixel density of 401ppi. Although these pixel densities are fair enough, other displays such as that seen on Samsung flagship phones, sport displays of 432ppi whereas Google Nexus 6 came with a 498ppi display.

Hence, increasing the pixel density of the upcoming variants of the iPhone would make their displays the best ones available in the market and users would enjoy viewing the screen of their iPhone even more.

Improved battery life

iPhone low battery

When compared to other phones in the market, iPhone 6 Plus has a fairly great battery life. However, iPhone 6 does not give the same battery life and users have commented that they need to plug in their iPhone 6 for charging frequently. Users really would not mind the marginal increase in thickness, when the battery life increases tremendously. We suggest that Apple should focus on the battery life of their next iPhone, rather than the thickness, so that the usability factor increases.

However, merely increasing the battery capacity of an iPhone would not suffice. The tradeoff is that, you would also expect more features in the upcoming iPhone, such as larger RAM, better pixel density etc. which would suck in more power from the battery. Although not all people would prefer longer battery life over thickness, with so many added features in the iPhone 6 Plus, we would seriously recommend users to stick to a thicker variant which offers better image quality, pixel density and battery capacity.

But users at the same time must understand that they cannot expect both better performance and better battery life without any tradeoffs.

Displays that are flexible and strong

iPhone 6S flexible display

We all know how much criticism Apple received initially with the launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and the hashtag #BendGate went viral overnight. Instead of taking this in a negative way, Apple can make a strong comeback by starting with flexible displays that can actually be bent, but only when the users want to bend it.

Coming up with such a feature would clearly annoy Samsung, as they have attracted speculators that a curved display is in the pipeline. If Apple manages to launch it first, they would be able to get a predominant market share.

Although the next iPhone images available are not official, you might still get a vague idea about what Apple is planning to launch.

Reduce the size of the iPhone

Jackson Chung came up with a new concept, which would enable Apple to cut down on the size of the iPhone like the previous versions.

iPhone 7 Concept

This can be done by cleverly embedding touch sensitive panels in the side bar and also, when a smaller screen size is used, lesser power is required, thereby giving a massive boost to the battery backup.

Also, if there are side controls introduced, it can double up as a controller for playing games!

Rework the external design

Apple should rework its subtle curves and it can get a bit creative by getting rid of the home button and instead, placing the Apple logo in the same spot.

[Featured image: “iPhone 6 and 6 Plus” by Brian DePalo, used under CC BY-NC-ND]