How to Make Phone Calls via WhatsApp


iPhone and Android phone users are having a field day these days especially after popular messaging app WhatsApp introduced the calling feature. You will not be charged by your network provider on the voice minutes if you are on your Wi-Fi or data plan.

Using the app’s call feature is very simple. You can start a call with just a few inputs, depending on which of the two operating systems you are using.

For Android Users

WhatsApp Android calling

On the WhatsApp UI, you will see “Calls” tab right at the top menu on the side of “Chats” and “Contacts.” Simply tap “Calls” and then select the phone icon at the top right to select any name you want to make a call.

Users will love the feature which show received calls, calls made and missed calls. It allows users to quickly call back. There is also a phone icon right within one-on-one chats.

For iOS users

WhatsApp iPhone calling 2

For those of you using iPhone, the main menu tabs for making calls are right at the bottom of the screen indicated as “Recent” and “Contacts.” The call list is placed under “Recent,” although there is no option here for making a call that does not appear on the list.

WhatsApp iPhone calling

So, you will have to go to “Contacts” list on the app and then select the name of the person you want to call. Now tap the phone icon shown on their contact card. You can also make a call to your friends from a chat window.

If you are not seeing any call options on the app, you should update to the latest version.

How to update WhatsApp

Go to App Store (iPhone users) or Google Play (Android users). Look for WhatsApp and once you locate the app, you will see the “Open” and “Update” options. On App Store, it will be shown at the bottom of the screen and on Google Play the menu icon is on the right center.

WhatsApp update iPhone

Please note that any apps with pending updates will display “Update.” So, if there is an “Update” option, simply tap it and wait for the app to update.

Happy calling!

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