How to Boost iPhone Signal: Quick and Simple Steps


There are times when you could have a really hard time getting good reception on your iPhone, so below are ways that you could boost your iPhone signal so that you will hopefully never have another dropped call.

Just like the old Verizon commercials “Can you hear me now?” has become quite a popular saying. Losing your signal is a pretty annoying thing to have happen. One minute you are talking to your friends about your weekend and boom, you lose the call because your reception sucked.

This is something that many iPhone users are used to but there are ways that you can get around it. It doesn’t matter if you have poor reception at your home or you just have a bad signal while you are out, there are several ways that you can boost your signal on your iPhone.

Some of the methods will cost you nothing, but others may have a cost to them but it will fix your iPhone reception for the better.

Using Wi-Fi

How to boost iPhone signal

The quickest and simplest solution to your iPhone reception issue. It doesn’t fix the problem, but it is a great alternative that is better than using a cell tower.

Using Wi-Fi to make calls, text people, using the internet, etc. is better than using cell towers depending on the Wi-Fi connection.

If you happen to be at home, just use your Wi-Fi network and if you are out, you can often find free connection basically anywhere.

But, there is a catch. Making calls of Wi-Fi will require having certain apps unless you and the person you are calling both have iPhones, then you can use FaceTime Audio. Otherwise, you will need to use a different app.

When it comes to texting iMessage will send messages to other iPhone users via Wi-Fi, otherwise you will have to use other apps like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger to those who don’t have iPhones.

Purchase a signal boosting case

iPhone signal boost

Even though it sounds like a gimmick, and it might be for the most part, but a signal boosting case will at least give you a better chance at having better reception when you are out.

The Reach79 case happens to be the most popular signal boosting case for iPhone, and it claims that it can boost your signal by 2. It doesn’t boost your Wi-Fi strength, but if you have issues with getting a good connection, then this case will help.

Re/Code tested the case and came up with mixed results. Sometimes it worked great, while other times not so great. It is something that won’t hurt your chances, but it is worth trying out.

Purchase a home network extender

iPhone signal boost guide

The worst place that most people don’t get reception is their homes. Although, here is a simple fix.

You can purchase a reception booster for your home that acts as mini cell tower to boost your at home reception.

Take for example, AT&T has MicroCell, it’s similar to a router that connects to your internet, but gives your cell a boost for its signal and as long as you are within 40 feet of it, you will have a boosted signal for your iPhone.

AT&T doesn’t actually have a price for the device, so you may have to ask an AT&T store about getting it. If you’re on another carrier, it doesn’t hurt to go to your local cell store and ask about other solutions.

Other small tricks

Strengthen iPhone signal Besides the big fixes that are listed above, there are some smaller tricks that may or may not actually work, but they are worth a try, since they don’t cost anything.

Here is a trick that might work, simply charge your iPhone fully because a low battery doesn’t have enough juice to find a decent signal. We have even heard that taking your sim card out, wiping it off and inserting it again can help fix your bad reception. Again, it is worth a try, but it isn’t the best that you could do.

Simply doing reboot for your iPhone could fix the reception, giving it a fresh start. If that doesn’t work, then you can reset your network settings by going to Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings. This is going to erase your prior Wi-Fi information that you have saved.