Google’s Nexus Phones: Are Android N & Daydream VR Standard Now?


After the launch under the Nexus brand in 2015 of two smartphones, Google is seemingly poised to repeat that again this year.

It’s a tough act HTC has to follow. In the previous year Huawei built the Nexus 6P, which in 2015 was one of the top Android phones and certainly the best Nexus phone that has ever been created. It had design, power, and a camera that was decent.

In contrast to previous releases, the Nexus 6P was a surprise — it was the handset design we had all dreamed of Google building.

The reveal of the HTC Nexus Sailfish and Marlin design

Nexus Sailfish

There is some very thrilling news Android Police has published a report that contains mock-up renders that focus around details that were given by an insider source. The images look very official, however they aren’t. They are supposedly a precise representation of what the final products is going to look like.

Naturally the two phones will share a design language that is similar and are sized differently for the 5” and 5.5” display panels.AP provides the disclosed information that is being used to create the mock-ups an 8 out of 10 confidence rating. Clearly the publication has a direct line into HTC or Google because in recent weeks it’s exposed a great deal of restricted information, most of which seems to have been proven precise by confirmed reports and sources.

HTC Nexus Marlin makes the geek bench

Nexus Marlin

With so many rumors and leaks floating around about the HTC Nexus 2016 line-up currently unraveling at break neck speed, it was just a matter of when before test units began to pop up on benchmarking suite databases, which is just what is happening right now with Geek Bench results being revealed on July 2.

These results are have been labeled the Google Marlin and are running a comparable set of specs to the leaks that were earlier released, that include the 4GB of RAM Android N (Nougat), with its quad-core 1.6GHz processor that is reported to be the same as what’s found in the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821.

Nexus phones will have Snapdragon 821 CPU feature

Snapdragon 821 CPU Feature

According to a report from Focus Taiwan, the Nexus phones this year, which it would appear are code named Sailfish and Marlin, will use the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 CPU. HTC is the firm that will be building the handsets for these new phones, and both phones will be based on the industrial design of the HTC 10’s though there is a good chance there will be some changes.

If these rumors about the Nexus 2016 phones are actually true, it will be more powerful than nearly all current flagships that you can find on the market, because current models are using the Snapdragon 820.

In addition, it’s believed that the Galaxy Note 7 is also going to use Snapdragon 821 CPU. These details that are available about this new chipset are currently very minimal, but sources are claiming the KRYO processors inside are going to be clocked at a higher speed: 2.3GHz compared to 2.15GHz.