Fallout Shelter: An Apple-Approved Post-Apocalypse Sims Game


The game does capture the parodic feel gamers got from Fallout 2. The gameplay, however, is rather poor and this human breeding thing is really odd.


If you’re looking for a game that feature an underground vault loaded with pregnant women fluorescenting from a slight radiation and dressed in used combat fatigues – then you may want to check out Bethesda’s game Fallout Shelter.

Sounds bad, right? It’s not that bad. Fallout Shelter is a post-apocalyptic fiction with some despair and, eventually, some comedy. The Road is certainly much darker than Fallout Shelter. What’s surprising about the game and subject matter is that Fallout Shelter is considered a freemium game that’s actually fun.

During the E3, Bethesda showed off the first gameplay footage for the Fallout 4, both for the console and PC. There were two surprise mobile game announcements: Fallout Shelter, which was being released right away, and Legends, which is an upcoming Elder Scrolls card game.

What do you see with Fallout Shelter

With Fallout Shelter, you get a side-on look at the base you’re constructing, which is kind of like XCOM or Tiny Tower. You’ll need to construct rooms in the vault to house the nuclear war survivors in the alternate universe. Along with room construction, you can order your survivors to work in rooms or send them into the wastelands to, hopefully, bring back loot.

The citizens can partake in a numerous activities important to the vault’s survival. For the room that houses the water filtration system, survivors will need to recycle H2O to drink. For the room that houses the power generator, they’ll need to keep the dynamos in order to ensure electricity is still flowing. And, in the living quarters… well, that’s for doing the deed.

Yes, you read correctly! This is actually one of the most sexist games. If you pit two males or two females in the room, they’ll just make light conversation. Put a male and female in the room and you end up with a pregnant woman and a man who just wants to go to bed.

Fallout Shelter flirting

A bit lewd for a game approved by Apple, and it may make some uncomfortable that the characters get down and dirty. After all, you leave two members of the opposite sex together and pregnancy is bound to happen.

Still, even when your ladies end up pregnant, you can put them to work, as the game doesn’t view pregnancy as a disability. Plus, there’s no penalty for pregnancy. When the baby is born, it runs around the area unsupervised until it grows up and becomes an adult. Once they become an adult, they can be put to work right away.

Fallout Shelter dwellers

There are no gap years in Fallout Shelter. And, there’s a Scandinavian arrogance toward vault’s long-term attachments. This means a lot of half-sisters and brothers running around with no one really caring about them.

If you’re okay with the idea that 50 percent of gameplay is about selectively breeding humans to get RPG stats, then you’ll want Fallout Shelter. A drawback to the game is that it’s only good to play for short periods of time. After several minutes, you end up running out of things you can do.

What you need to understand about the Fallout Shelter gameplay

Still, with 2D characters, which are sculpted from Fallout’s Pip Boy, in a 3D environment, it’s not that bad. They look like two halves of a whole even though they have various styles.

Your wasteland characters keep records, which are pretty much enduring and in regards to story-telling do better than The Outcast. There’s also a fail state; pretty impressive for free-to-play games.

When it comes to mobile Sims games, you have this distinct feeling that the game is all about the numbers. With Fallout Shelter, you can be a bad manager and realize you made a mistake somewhere but never feel like you need to give the game money to fix it.

Fallout Shelter bandits

If you’re not cautious, you could end up with a vault that’s got too many irritable dwellers. And, when you have too many too soon, your ability to supply them clean water is reduced. You can stabilize this problem by preventing your characters from hooking up and putting your attention on producing water. Be mindful, you still have other dangers to contend with – bandits, for instance, that can kill your people.

Fallout Shelter is not the kind of game you can put money into and hope you’ll get a win out of it. Instead, use your money to score some helpful items.

What are the negative aspects of Fallout Shelter

There are some technical issues gamers need to be aware of:

  • It’s got a number of UI glitches
  • Huge craving for battery power
  • Crashes often

Of course, these are minor concerns that stem from the genre’s basic confines. In fact, they don’t have a real bite like you’d see with Sim Tower or Dungeon Keeper.

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