Details on iOS 9 Beta 2


The second beta of iOS 9 has been released, bringing a number of improvements and bug fixes to the software that was first released on June 8th. iOS 9 beta 2 also includes numerous small tweaks and updates, a major step for the software’s public release this fall.

Apple is looking to fully optimize their new operating system, and this newest update is the latest version. Here’s a list of a number of small updates that can be found in the iOS 9 beta 2.

Apple Watch app

Apple Watch app new icon

The Apple Watch app now has a simplified name, which is “Watch.”

Auto app delete and reinstall

This feature was actually present in beta 1, but it hasn’t been useful until the release of beta 2. If there is insufficient space on a device that’s trying to install iOS 9, apps can be temporarily deleted to make the necessary room. After the OS is installed, the temporarily deleted content will be automatically reinstalled.


Unlike the first iOS 9 beta, Handoff can now be displayed in the App Switcher screen.

iPad keyboard

New iPad keyboard

The iPad edit features have been tweaked to add an undo/redo option. The cut/paste tools are now hidden, appearing when text is selected.


There’s a new option that can be toggled in the Settings app named “News,” but this new addition has no function for now.


New podcasts app icon

The icon for the Podcasts app has been updated to have a bolder tone and the layout of the app has been slightly redesigned.


iOS safari content blockers

The “Content Blockers” option for safari has been hidden until a blocker is installed. New options can also be found on the Favorites Bar, as well as the Tab Bar.


The search function for iOS 9 beta 2 has been significantly improved and updated, yielding a broader range of search results.

Search settings

In the Settings app, installed apps can be toggled on or off for search results, adding a much higher level of flexibility than the previous OS offered. Considering the menu only used to show Apple search results, this is another major search update.

Though many of these features seem small, they bring a level of polish to the operating system that is needed before the general public can get their hands on it. The improved search function alone is enough to make the update worthwhile, but the “News” toggle also shows promise of increased user customization and function. The addition of the undo/redo option on the iPad keyboard is another feature that’s sure to find lots of use.

Many updates are scheduled to come in the future for this operating system. Apple will most likely release updates about every two weeks, using this beta testing period to get the operating system fully polished in time for the public launch. After a summer of public beta testing, iOS 9 should be released to the public this fall.