BlackBerry Might Stick to Android Starting from This Year


Once a dominant player in the market, BlackBerry is now struggling to grab a market share despite the launch of BB 10.2 or any other offering recently.

Due to this, there are high chances that BlackBerry might have to start running Android so that it is able to survive in the market.

As per rumors, BlackBerry is planning to launch an Android-powered handset in autumn and as a typical offering from BlackBerry, it would be a slider device.

What’s next for BlackBerry?

When officials from BlackBerry were contacted, they said that they do not wish to comment on this news and said that they are dedicated towards the development of BlackBerry 10 OS, which offers unparalleled security and productivity benefits.

Although BlackBerry has not openly opposed Android, there are hints that they might collaborate, as BlackBerry in its new OS allowed users to download Android apps from the Amazon App Store.

In line with the other launches from BlackBerry, their first Android device is expected to have a touchscreen and a physical keyboard. In the Mobile World Congress held in 2015, we spotted a slider phone from BlackBerry. However, there has been no news about it ever since.

In 2014, Nokia embraced Android with the launch of Nokia X and Nokia XL. However, there have been no releases after these two phones. This is because Microsoft purchased Nokia. But there is still no clarity about what BlackBerry is planning to do with Android.

However, as per BlackBerry’s stand, they would definitely not stop BB10 and hence, might launch a different series of phones powered by Android.

[Featured image: “Blackberry Curves” by johncatral, used under CC BY-NC-ND]