Battery Capacities Set to Increase Two-fold in 2016


With the improvement in hardware of smartphones, the bottleneck is reached when it comes to power. Battery backup is a crucial factor and hence, there is always room for development when it comes to smartphone batteries.

To improve the battery life, engineers are coming up with several new technologies, but it is still in the research stage and it might be several years from now before we see such technology in commercial usage.

But one company named SolidEnergy has made tremendous progress and is in plans to launch its battery for commercial usage in the market by 2016, which would have double the energy density when compared to the other batteries available, thereby giving double the battery backup compared to other batteries.

SolidEnergy was started in MIT and grown eventually. As per DisplayDaily, the battery they have launched stores more charge than the iPhone’s battery although it is half the size of the iPhone’s battery.

How is it so small?

The massive reduction in the battery size is made possible as the thick graphite anode material, which takes up space in li-ion batteries, is replaced with an ultra-thin sheet of lithium copper metal foil.

Although this idea has been tried before, the capacity was found to degrade rapidly, causing short circuits when the lithium reacts with electrolytes.

SolidEnergy battery comparison 1

How has SolidEnergy overcome the capacity degradation problem?

SolidEnergy has overcome this problem by introducing a slim layer of solid electrolyte, so that short circuit is prevented. The electrolyte is thick enough to safeguard it from short circuits, but it allows conduction too.

As per SolidEnergy, the battery can sustain 100 recharge cycles before getting degraded to 80% of its initial storage capacity. Although this is not impressive, they are planning to achieve the battery life to touch 300 charge cycles.

SolidEnergy battery comparison 2

The number of charge cycles is low as you would not have to keep charging your phone frequently when the battery life is doubled.

Once SolidEnergy rolls this product out, it would bring in a revolution in the smartphone market and be much appreciated among smartphone users.

[Featured image: “Eachine Mini Y5 Power Bank” by Neil Turner, used under CC BY-SA / Slight color filters added]