Apple Watch or Fitbit Blaze? Learn Which Is Better for You


Choosing the correct smartwatch for your personal needs can be a bit daunting and it could become an essential part of your everyday life. Choose the wrong one and you will find it buried in the drawer under all the other junk.

This week at the Apple iPhone SE launch event Tim Cook, who is the CEO, announced that the Apple Watch is the best selling smartwatch around the globe, he went on to say the company is immediately slashing the price of the Apple Watch by $50, so for the level entry smartwatch that will be $299.

Apple really has set the bar when it comes to stylish smartwatches; however it does face a fearsome opponent with the Fitbit Blaze, which is a little bit more budget-friendly with many of the features of the Apple, although not all of the features.

Basic differences

Apple Watch and Fitbit Blaze

According to Apple’s website the Apple Watch is intended to “be an essential part of who you are.” It has all of the standard fitness tracking capability and can also keep track of your appointments, tell you if  you might need an umbrella, show you the text message you received, and more.

The Fitbit Blaze is focused on the style-conscious consumers who would like to track the usual fitness metrics as well as other capabilities such as looking at the calendar, controlling music on a device that’s paired, and reading text messages.

Apple offers has three models of smartwatches: The Apple Watch Sport retails at $299 which is the lowest price Apple smartwatch, the Apple Watch, and the high-end Apple Watch Edition. The Fitbit Blaze retails for $199.95.

Fitbit Blaze review

Both companies have wearables bands that are changeable, including higher-end options so that you can transform your devices from what you would wear at the gym to what you would wear to the office.

According to Tim Cook, this option is a winning one for Apple – upwards of 33% of Apple Watch owners regularly change their bands. At the iPhone event on Monday, Apple introduced their new band lineup that is made from woven nylon, new colors for the Apple Watch Sport and a space black version for the higher-end Milanese loop.

Fitbit’s options range classic bands allow you to change colors including blue, black, and plum as well as numerous leather bands and a stainless steel band that costs $129.95.

Winning features of Fitbit Blaze

Fitbit vs Apple

Fitbit comes out ahead with their battery life. The Blaze can go up to 5-ays without having to charge. Compare that to the Apple Watch which has a battery that lasts 18 hours, according to Apple. The features will also have an effect on your battery.

The Blaze doesn’t have the rich app ecosystem that Apple Watch users enjoy, but the Fitbit costs about $100 less than the Apple Watch Sport, which means it is perfect for anyone who just want a stylish wearable fitness tool that has daily communication abilities.

The Fitbit Blaze is a great choice for anyone who is looking for a fitness tracker and a personal assistant that you don’t have to charge every day. If budget is not a problem — and you are looking for a wearable that you can completely integrate into your routine — then perhaps the Apple Watch is right for you.