Apple’s Newer, Smaller iPad Pro Is Great


Last fall when Apple’s first iPad Pro launched, many were a bit skeptical on the size of the device.

It’s much easier to be excited about Apple’s smaller tablet sibling, which Apple just launched late last month. Apple has put all its newest technology and advancements into the first iPad Pro model making them fit in a tablet that’s far more portable and affordable. Even better, extra features have been added that will aid the new iPad Pro, which outclasses the predecessor significantly.

The bottom line: The new iPad Pro symbolizes a major upgrade over previous mid-sized iPad models and it is absolutely worth having a look at, whether you are buying your first tablet or you are replacing an older one.

Apple’s VP Phil Schiller introduced the new iPad Pro Monday morning at a product launch event, March 21, 2016, at the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, Calif.

iPad Pro: what is new?

iPad Pro Wolverton

Just like the bigger iPad Pro, this new release is powered by Apple’s incredibly speedy A9X chip, and it provides four-speaker stereo sound system, and it includes Apple’s latest Smart Connector technology, which lets you to fasten and power an actual keyboard without wires and without messing with Bluetooth settings. For many prospective buyers, the new mid-sized model will be popular and it will likely be the big draw because it supports the Apple Pencil, which is the high-tech stylus the company introduced with the huge iPad Pro.

There are still comparatively few apps that actually work with Pencil. It’s too bad Apple doesn’t offer wider support for the device within the iPad’s operating system and the built-in apps.

But Pencil is definately worthy, if pricey, accessory. With certain apps you can use the stylus to take notes and sketch. You can also use it to create architectural drawings, annotate documents, email, design intricate page layouts handwrite digital cards.

The camera has some new features

iPad Pro new camera

The newest model come with a superior cameras in both the front and back compared to what the first iPad Pro offered, and it actually replicates what is found in the latest iPhone.

With the new cameras, you are able to take higher-resolution selfies, shoot ultra-high definition 4K videos, and capture what Apple calls “Live Photos” which are pictures that turn into short videos in a Harry Potter kind of way when you touch your screen. The new iPad is the first model to have a side mounted flash on the back and the ability to use the front display as a flash for the front camera.

The new cameras could be a huge benefit to consumers who already use the tablet for photo editing and movies or to create stop-motion animation. Rather than having to transfer photos from the smartphone to their tablet. Now they can shoot directly with the iPad Pro and get the same quality pictures and movies.

Why you should buy new iPad Pro

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Apple has enhanced the screen technology in the new iPad Pro. According to Apple, the screen is brighter, and it can display a considerably wider color range and it is not as reflective. When compared to the iPad Air 2, which was the last major Apple midrange tablet line to be upgraded, the screen on the new iPad Pro was considerably brighter and the colors weren’t so washed out.

Apple’s latest model includes “True Tone,” which will automatically make adjustments to the display to based on what the ambient light looks like. When you move from a room filled with sunlight to a candlelight room the new iPad Pro is theoretical should adjust its colors as if it were white paper.

When you compare the new display to that on the iPad Air 2, the iPad Pro offers a warmer, yellower light indoors we did not see the white tone they talked about but it wasn’t unpleasing.

The new device isn’t perfect and it is definately pricey. While it isn’t as expensive as the full-sized iPad Pro, but the base new model still costs $600, which makes it $200 more than the beginning price for a similarly sized iPad Air 2.