Add Some Eye Candy to Your Android Device with Wallpapers HD/QHD


The app is really a serious place where you can look for free Android phone and tablet backgrounds.


Wallpapers HD/QHD comes with a many spectacular photos exclusively shot by Nickolay Farionov. The amazing photos are ready to be used on you Android phones or tablets.

The app is developed by Ivan Farionov in such a way that you can add your unique personal touch to your device by leaving so many ways to add tons of rad photos exclusively for the background and lock screen.

If you are tired of searching for appropriate wallpaper on Google every time, we strongly suggest Wallpapers HD. It will save you a whole lot of time.


Wallpapers HD/QHD has tons of amazing hi-definition photos which you can easily get to your device’s in-app Favorites gallery.

The app also supports most of the smartphones and tablets that are available in the market. Rotation of the screen, panning and zooming features are really awesome. Most of all, it will fit nicely on most screen resolutions.

WallpapersHD QHD screenshot 1

Another great feature is that the wallpapers are regularly updated and the user-friendly interface makes using this app so easy.

You also have many numerous categories – some of them are the scenic landscapes, buildings and cities, nature, sea, flowers, castles, architecture, sculptures and more!

Overall, the Wallpapers HD/QHD app is fully loaded with pleasant photos many people would love to look at. So, you have a whole galaxy of backgrounds to jazz up your rather boring default screen look.


In terms of appearance the app is really smooth and tiled splendidly. The light blue color is very prominent all across the app and the pictures are really stunning, when compared to those typical one you get from Google Image searches.

WallpapersHD QHD screenshot 2

A great layout is its USP among first time users. The quick tutorial and the icons including the options are responsive and easy to operate.

We must admit that Wallpapers HD/QHD appears like a swell app that is full of beautiful pictures that are going to bring your device background much more vivid.


We love the fact that the photos from Wallpapers HD/QHD are mostly FREE for personal use. In addition, the app offers photos you can use for commercial purposes at price ranging from just $0.99 to $2.97 for each photo.

WallpapersHD QHD sample wallpapers

The Wallpapers HD/QHD is also accompanied by some banner ads at the bottom. You can rid of the ads by buying the “Pro” version for just $1.99. Doing so will also allow you to automatically change wallpapers as per your schedule.

The size of the app is just 3.7 MB, and it is easy to download.

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