7 Minute Workout: Best Way to Stay in Shape


This is a cheap app with multiple advantages in the average life of everyone who is wanting to tone, burn, firm, or build their body up.


Some skepticism in our world today, on work out methods, have left many to feel hopeless or unproductive in their daily routines. A lot of reason why people feel they cannot get into shape is feeling as if they do not have the time to actually commit to a work out. Because of this, there has been several scam services, and false leads of an ‘easier and quicker’ work out. However, with the 7 Minute Workout app, it has actually been achieved.

7 minute workout screenshot 1

Over looking the repetitive workout daily, you can do this in your spare time to get in shape and burn calories.  There are a lot of key areas that this app allows you to focus on. Several are problem areas for the most experienced fitness junky, but this app makes it easy in 7 minutes.

This app is very interactive with different features to get you in shape, needing only a chair and a wall as equipment to meet and match the criteria for the work outs you choose.

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This app focuses on 12 workouts, 30 seconds each, with 5-10 second breaks in between. You are able to work out many times a day with this method, and quickly get into better shape. Using effective methods of weight loss, and muscle toning, the 7 Minute Workout focuses on key exercises for full body workouts for women including; Wall sit, Push-ups, Jumping jacks, Abdominal crunches, Step-up onto chair, Squats, Push-up and rotations, cardio workout and more. All of these are proven to help improve your health and fitness.

Other aspects of this app really bring out the involvement and commitment you are required to show in this short workout time, such as a voice guide that starts when the work out does, encouraging you to stick to it for the short work out and informing you when you rest begins and ends.

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Adjustable circuit time according to your situation and schedule. The ability to adjust the rest time between 10 seconds and 5 seconds. You can also set up notifications for a daily workout routine, and involve yourself into a workout log that shows your complete workout time.

This app uses methods, and techniques of exercise that are scientifically proven to give you an excellent, and effective cardiovascular workout in 7 minutes. Though there are a lot of methods that may work for some, and not others, this is a method that has been proven to be effective to all those who used it and stuck with it.

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Being able to preform these routines in the office and at home makes the convenience of a workout a possibility. This method seriously does eliminate the factor of not having time for a sufficient workout.

Not blocking your notification and phone calls while in the use of the app, and being compatible with many devices are just minor pluses to the health improvement you could receive from applying this to your everyday life.

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