12 Easy Ways to Prolong iPhone Battery Life


It is very common to see so many frustrated iPhone owners who are angry over a dead battery. Is there a way to avoid a dead battery, other than minimizing your phone usage? Apple devices are good at squeezing maximum performance mainly because of its unique hardware. Remember, the first iPhone device came with a 1400mAh battery, and even after seven years iPhone 6 still has just 1810mAh battery, with a little consolation that iPhone 6 Plus now is provided a 2910mAh battery.

Meanwhile, most Android flagships (with large display) are better equipped with better batteries well over 3100mAh. Now, iPhone 6 Plus also has large screen, but that does not stop us from struggling to keep battery charges on our iPhones last longer. Until Apple comes around and revolutionized its iPhone batteries, we have to figure out how to make them last longer.

So, here are some simple tips to extract more battery juice from your iPhone.

1. Watch out for signal strength

The main culprit for rapid battery drain is a weak mobile signal. Big problem is that there is nothing you can do about. If you are living in an area with a poor mobile signal, switch to Airplane mode on. This will stop constant signal searching which sucks the battery charge from your phone.

Make sure you always use Wi-Fi and avoid cellular data where it is possible. Wi-Fi signal offers a much more stable connection and it will stop the battery-hungry search for a signal.

2. Turn off mobile app notifications

Some of the apps continuously spam users with useless notifications. Check out how many notifications you are getting and decide which ones you really need. You will find that you require just a few of them.

iPhone battery tricks notifications

Every app is sucking some power of the battery, so it is only wise to cut them off right at the source. To do this, go to Settings > Notifications and then tap on the apps you don’t require notifications from. Now, choose None which is found under the alert style, and also turn the Badge Icon and the Sounds off.

3. Change the Display Settings

The iPhone display is a good consumer of power, so you may want to shut it down quickly if you are not using it.

To do this, simply go to Settings > General > Auto-lock. You will soon find out that you can still survive with shorter screen light.

iPhone battery tricks auto brightness

In addition, you should adjust the brightness. Go to Settings > Display & Brightness and turn off Auto-brightness. This will save you some battery. You may want to set the brightness level as low as possible and then you can adjust again when you need brighter screen.

4. Avoid using animations

iPhone battery tricks reduce motion

Frankly, you don’t require dynamic backgrounds and the parallax or a ‘3D’ effect. They are just for fun whose main job is eating up your power. So, just pick the static image or that of your favorite photo in Settings > Wallpaper, then tap Choose a New Wallpaper and turn on Reduce Motion in Settings > General > Accessibility.

5. Reduce refreshing of background apps

Many iPhone users think that swiping apps closed in multitasking menu saves power, but what you need to be looking is in Settings > General > Background App Refresh to effect real difference.

iPhone battery tricks background app refresh

Permitting apps to automatically refresh themselves drains out the battery. So, check the list and turn off all those apps that you don’t require. Facebook app, in particular, can drain out iPhone battery really fast. Such kind of apps loads every time you load/unlock your phone.

6. Set email updates manually

There are debates about the usefulness of a push email (arrives when sent) versus the fetch email (phone checks for mail at pre-set intervals). But, the real issue lays on how many email you receive and how many times you sync.

Push email should only be sent from the server when a new mail arrives, and it is more power efficient than fetching/checking for emails at an interval of every five minutes. However, if you are getting lots of emails, then push email system will quickly drain your phone’s battery faster than fetching with a much slower refresh rate of an hour.

Let’s assume that if you are checking emails once every two hours, fetching it manually will save you battery power over both the options… the minus side being you will have to remember to do it.

7. Turn off Location Tracking

If you are not using Maps app to move around in the city, it is better to turn it off as it is one of the main battery eater.

iPhone battery tricks location services

Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and then turn it off. Also, if there are other apps that are using location tracking, turn them off too.

Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services, and turn off “Frequent Locations”, “Diagnostics & Usage” and “Location-Based iAds”.

8. Keep iPhone cool

Heat is bad for your phone’s battery. Never leave your iPhone under direct sunlight. If your phone gets too hot while playing games or charging, remove the case, if you are using one.

9. Update wisely

Updates are meant to improve your phone system, but do check others feedback before you trigger any.

iPhone battery trick iCloud

For iOS, you can always check/change auto updates by going to Settings > iTunes & App Store > Updates. Here you can change auto update settings.

Also do not let content update automatically. For this, you can turn off all automatic downloads in the same section. This way you will be able to decide when you want to update and please make sure you use only Wi-Fi or you are connected to the computer to save battery power.

10. Turn off Siri shortcut

This function can be found in Settings > General > Siri. If you are not using it, turn it off. Please note that continuous sensor check will have an impact on battery life as it is constantly looking at your face while you are touching the phone.

11. All vibrations off

Go to Settings > Sounds. Once you are there, you can change “Vibrate on Ring” to “Off”.

iPhone battery tricks vibration

Another option is, go to Settings > Sounds > New MailVibrations and set it to “None”. This will disable the motor, which used to hurt drain your power.

12. Cut off iCloud

We are sure you don’t need to sync everything with your iCloud account. If you are with us, go to Settings > iCloud and examine the list.

iPhone battery tricks iCloud

Since iCloud sync drains not only power but your data, it is better to turn off iCloud sync altogether. In addition, it will help you reduce possibility of storage problem.